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Humor in Advertising

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“Humor in advertising: selling the emotion or logic?” by Dr. Farhod Karimov, Management and Marketing Department, WIUT

This paper empirically examines the influence of humor in advertising on purchase intention. The theoretical framework is based on the Elaboration Likelihood Model. It explains the value of humor, along with other factors that have impact on purchase intention such as attitude towards brand, likability, product type and gender. Empirical data was collected in two stages by mixed research methods. First, focus group interviews have been conducted to gain an in‐depth understanding of the how term humor is interpreted by the customers, how they treat the use of humor in local commercials, what types of humor they know and are mostly applied by the companies in advertising. Second, a laboratory experiment has been conducted to measure consumer’s buying behavior and the influence of humor. The research empirically revealed that humorous advertising has impact on customers’ intention to purchase.

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