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The WIUT administration, in collaboration with Students’ Union, organised a week of celebrations #WIUTWEEK dedicated to WIUT’s 18th Birthday.

The week consisted of 4 events full of colour and emotions!

1. On January 16th, the actual date of WIUT’s 18th birthday, the Students’ Union in cooperation with Student Support Service announced that the day would be known as WIUT COLOURS DAY and challenged staff and students to dress up in burgundy, white and blue clothes. Why these colours? As they are both associated with the University’s history, and as they are the colours of the Union Jack! Students and staff could be seen posing for photos in their colourful outfits by the University banners.

2. WIUT Week showed its academic side on 20th January with its Big Brain Quiz Bowl event. After a speech given by SU President Alisher Sadiev, 20 six-man teams put their minds to the test in a gruelling quiz, moderated amateur “Zakovat” player, Umidjon Yorqulov. The following teams emerged victorious:

      1. Deal Makers

      2. Ish ketishi kerak

      3. Robo Squad

All the winners were awarded valuable prizes by members of Student Support Service.

3. The week continued to wow students with a Movie Night and Drama Performance being held on the 22nd of January. The event saw WIUT’s popular drama club perform sketches including ”The Robber at the Bus Stop” and ”The Robber at the Lost Property Office”, prepared especially for this event by Rozaliya Ivanovna, coordinator of the club. Applause and laughter rang throughout the Lyceum Hall – the largest in the university. The audience was then treated to a Movie Night.

The Students’ Union and Cinemalab (Student Club) screened the popular British movie “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” in response to student demand. An opening speech was given by SU Events Executive, Abdusaid Abdullaev, and member of the Drama Club, Mukhiddin Kuchimov.

4. The finale of this memorable week was the Uzbek-British Culture Day, held on January 24th. This event brought a huge number of students together at the LRC to celebrate WIUT’s 18th birthday! Performances from talented students, quizzes, dances, snacks, drinks and a lot of photos and videos were taken to remember the day! Thanks to the WIUT Dance Club, WIUT Vocal Club, WIUT Guitar Club and other active students for your valuable contribution.


«Happy 18th Birthday, WIUT!»

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